Introducing Bill Limebrook

January 17, 2017

Progress on the Park Plaza fronting Pacific Coast Highway is well underway. Artist and veteran surfer Bill Limebrook is working on his first of ten sculptures for the plaza, all featuring iconic surfers from Dana Point. First up is Phil Edwards; his scale model is shown above.

The surf community is a notoriously tight-knit group, and in South Orange County, it’s even tighter. In developing the sculpture for Edwards, artist Limebrook was able to take his prototype sculpture to legendary surfer Mickey Munoz, who gave a critique on the shape of Edwards’ board. Subsequently, Limebrook found that his neighbor, Jim Gardner, has a numbered “Phil Edwards Model Hobie Surfboard” from the mid-sixties, and Limebrook was able to use that board as a reference to make final adjustments on the ¼ scale model.

Says Limebrook, “My neighbor is the original owner of the Phil Edwards model surfboard – his parents bought it for him when he was in high school. Amazing! The board has been under his house for decades, and it’s in pretty nice condition! I’ll be able to use it for a sand casting of the board for the life-size.” This park will be an incredible tribute to the surf history of Dana Point, and we know it will be a treasure for the city and residents of South Cove for years to come.

Learn more about Bill Limebrook and see progress and portfolio photos at his Dana Point Surf Statues Facebook page.